CorrLinks Login, Sign up, & Password Reset Methods and Fixing Sign-in Errors

CorrLinks is a platform that lets you create an account and use it for electronic communication. Ordinary users and prison inmates can use it for logging in and reading or sending emails. Using a web browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., a user can visit to see the Login Page. By entering her/his valid password and email address, signing in can be possible. Using a similar way, inmates from jail can do CorrLinks login for their accounts. CorrLinks also provides a mobile application. The CorrLinks app is suitable for Android as well as Apple users. This app is also best for signing in to the account. 

In this blog, we have covered various methods for logging in to your CorrLinks account. We have also outlined the methods to reset your password when you forget it. Along with this, we have explained why, at some point, login errors in CorrLinks can be seen. To resolve these errors, we have provided tested fixes too.

For finding out more about the sections or topics included here, please read this outline:

How to Register Your CorrLinks Email Account?

The users of CorrLinks can create an account via its Sign up page. This page can be accessed through the official site of CorrLinks. After visiting it, you can provide your name as well as enter the desired address for registering your email account. To continue, you will be asked to provide a password. Once it has been confirmed, you can show your compliance with CorrLinks’ Terms and Conditions. Soon, you will be able to create or register your email account.

Caution: You may be unable to sign up or register your account on CorrLinks in case you are below 18 years of age.

How to Register Your CorrLinks Email Account?
  • Go to “”.
  • On the page for “Sign up”, provide the following:
    • “First Name”
    • “Last Name”
  • Now, put in “Email Address” for CorrLinks.
  • Enter “Email Address” one more time for confirming it.
  • Write the password for this account.

Tip: Ensure that the password for CorrLinks is inclusive of special characters as well as numbers.

  • Input your password one more time for the purpose of confirmation.
  • Provide “Identification Code”.
  • Select “Agree with Terms & Conditions”.
  • Also, confirm that you are older than 18 years in age.
  • After this, choose “I am Not a Robot”.
  • Tap on “Next”.
  • Wait for a new window to get launched.
  • Press the “Activate” button.

How to Administer CorrLinks Login Method for Your Account?

For administering the CorrLinks email sign-in method, you will be required to run this platform’s site. Its official site is On visiting it, you will find the Login Page. You can provide your credentials. Doubly check that the username and password are correct. After this, you can tap on the button for Login. You will be signed in to your CorrLinks email account.

How to Administer CorrLinks Login Method for Your Account?
  • Go to “” for login.
  • Open “Login Page” of this platform.
  • Visit the section of “Login”.
  • Provide your “Email ID” for signing in.
  • Start writing your password for the account and ensure that it is correct.

Remember: While you enter the password for CorrLinks login for your email account,  see to it that it is the same as the one entered at the time of registering it.

  • Now, press “Login”.

A few seconds may be utilized after pressing the Login button. Afterward, you will be logged into your email account. On the off chance that you are unable to do so, please ensure that the email ID and password have been correctly provided by you.

Remember: Using a range of browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., you can run CorrLinks’ official site. Thereafter, you can easily sign in to your account via your computer or laptop.

CorrLinks Mobile Login Methods for Your Email Account

Using your mobile, you can log in to your CorrLinks account by running the browser. By entering the link to this platform’s site, you will be able to access its Login or Sign in Page. In addition to this, you can also install the CorrLinks app on your mobile or smartphone. Whether you are an Apple user or an Android one, you will be able to install and use this application to access your CorrLinks mails.

Learning more about the CorrLinks mobile login methods can be possible by reading further.

Method 1: CorrLinks Login on Mobile via Browser

A platform like CorrLinks enables you to access or sign in to your account via your mobile, smartphone, and any other such device. By opening on the mobile, login can be possible. This link will help you reach the Login Page of the platform. On this page, your credentials need to be written. Soon after this, you can make use of the Login tab for signing in to your email account.

  • On your mobile or smartphone, open “Google Chrome”.

Tip: Should you not have “Google Chrome” on your smartphone or mobile, any browser can be used.

  • Enter the following link in place of “URL”:
  • Wait for CorrLinks “Login Page” to appear.
  • On this page, type in your “Email Address” in the given space.
  • Add your “Password”.
  • Push the button for “Login”.

This method explains how you can use your mobile or a similar device for signing in to your CorrLinks email account. You will be surprised to know that using this method, you can also log into your CorrLinks account on your Apple iOS and Android phones.

Method 2: CorrLinks Sign in on Android and Apple via Application

CorrLinks has introduced its application for easily signing in to a user’s email account. This application is available on Android. The users of Apple devices too can have access to the CorrLinks application. For logging in to your account on both, different instructions can be applied.

Below, we have explained more about how you can execute CorrLinks login into your account on its app on Android and Apple.

Option 1: Using CorrLinks App to Log in on Android 

On an Android phone, the app for CorrLinks can be installed via Google Play Store. You can press the Install button to get the app. Once downloaded, you can open and log into your CorrLinks account. Following this, you can use the application for the purpose of electronic communication and more.

  • Keep your “Android” device unlocked.
  • Open “Google Play Store” on your “Android” smartphone. 
  • In the store, search “CorrLinks”.
  • From the results, select the “CorrLinks” app.
  • Click on “Install”.

Remember: You may be asked to pay a price for downloading the CorrLinks application. If so, then pay it via a suitable payment mode.

  • The installation of the app can take some time. You can wait.
  • Now, open the app for “CorrLinks” on mobile to sign in.
  • Input the required information such as “Email ID”, “Password”, etc.
  • Following this, access your email account on your Android mobile.

Remember: Other than Android mobile or smartphones, you can also use the CorrLinks app on tablets that run using the same operating system.

Option 2: Signing in on Apple iOS through CorrLinks App

CorrLinks can be installed on Apple iPhone for accessing emails. Via the App Store, this application can be downloaded or purchased. The user will have to access the store by logging in via the Apple ID. Next to this, the user can sign in to his/her CorrLinks account by mentioning his or her valid email ID and password. 

Tip: Instead of visiting to sign in every time, using the app on iOS devices will be time-saving. Also, you will not be required to frequently input your credentials.

  • Go to your iPhone’s “Home” screen.
  • Select “App Store”.

Remember: In case “App Store” is unavailable, swipe the screen on the left. Then open “App Library”.

  • Check that you have been logged into the store via “Apple ID”.
  • Find “CorrLinks” using “Search”.
  • Press the app when found.
  • Select “Get”.
  • Push the “Install” button.
  • In case any charges follow prior to the installation of “CorrLinks”, select “Buy”.
  • After buying the app, let it install on your Apple iPhone.
  • Run “CorrLinks”.
  • Provide your correct “Email ID” as well as “Password”.
  • Now, select “Sign in” or “Login”.

Method for CorrLinks Inmate Email Login

For inmates in jail, CorrLinks has made its email service available. Thus, inmates can connect with their family members or friends for communication and such related purposes by logging in to their CorrLinks email accounts. To log in, an inmate needs to open the link to CorrLinks’ main site. On this site, its Login Page will be seen. Here, the credentials can be written for signing in to or accessing the account.

  • Open “” to find “Login Page”.
  • Enter the credentials that have been asked for. 
  • Press the option to sign in to your CorrLinks email account.

What Do I Do if I Forget My CorrLinks Password?

We have found a CorrLinks password reset method that you can follow when you lose access to your email account. In a situation wherein you have forgotten your password, you can first think of an alternate email account that can be utilized for the purpose. Once this has been thought of, you can open Find the page for Password Reset and add your Email ID. Ensure that you are not a robot. Now, provide the ID of your alternative account. On this account, you will be provided a link to reset your forgotten password for CorrLinks.

Let us now go through the steps that you are required to do after this:

Remember: You can use any web browser for visiting the link mentioned in this step. However, care should be taken to ensure that the browser is supportive of the CorrLinks email service platform.

  • Visit the page for “Password Reset”.
  • Mention your “Email ID”.
  • Ensure that you choose “I am Not a Robot”.
  • Press the “Next” tab.
  • A new page should appear. It will ask you to mention your “Alternative Email Address”. Mention it.
  • Now, press “Submit”.
  • Visit the alternative email account.
  • View the inbox of this account.
  • You will have received a link for “Reset Password”. Press it.

Tip: Prior to clicking on the link for “Reset Password”, it will be thoughtful to confirm that this link has been sent to you by CorrLinks. Opening any link without confirming may land you in trouble.

  • The link will take you to a new page. Write a new password to reset the existing one.
  • Write this password again.
  • Once your new password gets confirmed, reset it using the available option.

As a user of, if you forgot the password of your account, then this method should work for resetting it. However, for successfully resetting it, ensure that the alternative email account mentioned is accessible. In case you have lost access to your alternative email account as well, you will have to first reset its password. After this has been done, you can visit CorrLinks’ site and start performing the steps mentioned above. The password of your account will be reset.

Causes of CorrLinks Login Error

You may be coming across login errors on because of certain reasons. We have identified a few of them and listed them below:

  • You may have forgotten the correct password of your CorrLinks account.
  • The username/email ID entered by you on the site’s Login Page may be incorrect or invalid.
  • You may have kept on the Caps Lock or CapsLK key on the keyboard. The enabling of this key may be causing trouble in signing in to your account.
  • The server of may not be available.
  • Your internet connection may be unavailable.
  • The browser being used for accessing’s Login Page may not be supportive of this site.

How to Fix CorrLinks Email Sign in Error?

For resolving the CorrLinks sign-in issue, you can keep the Caps Lock key off while logging in to your account. You may get help by checking that your login credentials are correct or you can change them if needed. Certain users may be coming across the CorrLinks sign-in or login errors due to the server being unavailable. In that case, refreshing the Login Page or waiting for the server to be up can help.

Fix 1: Turn off Caps Lock While Signing in to CorrLinks Account

While logging in to their CorrLinks email account, users may often face errors. They may be emerging due to the CapsLK or Caps Lock key being on. At the time of doing other tasks, this key may have been left on. Not remembering to turn it off, the CapsLK key may be generating login errors on CorrLinks.

On, to login to your account without facing any errors, you can check that the Caps Lock key has been turned off. After this, you can re-enter your email account’s password. Your login attempt will be successful.

Fix 2: Change/Check Your CorrLinks Login Credentials

It is common for the users of CorrLinks to use incorrect credentials for logging in to their accounts. They may have forgotten the correct password of their email account. Likewise, some of them may be unable to remember the correct username or email address for accessing their CorrLinks account. In either of the situations, the users can reset their username or password. On the off chance that the username or password of your CorrLinks account has not been forgotten, ensure that you have correctly written it. 

After doing so, the CorrLinks email Login Page can be accessed. You can input your correct password and username. When you sign in, no error should bother you.

Remember: In one of the sections outlined above, we have mentioned the steps to reset the forgotten password of your CorrLinks email account. You can scroll up to visit those steps and correctly execute them.

Fix 3: Ensure that the Server of CorrLinks is Available

The server of any website can be down. The same can be true for CorrLinks as well. Thus, when you run the link –, the page may be shown as unavailable due to server issues. Hence, login or sign in errors may be faced. In some instances, this link may load the page. You may also be able to view the fields for Email Address and Password. However, on entering the same and signing in, you may find that the server is down. 

On finding server-related problems on CorrLinks, you can try doing the following:

  • Confirm that the server of the platform is down. You can open on different browsers. Additionally, you can use another device and use its browser to visit this link. In case the page doesn’t load or shows failure after logging in, you can be sure that the server of CorrLinks is down.
  • Reload’s Login Page. Repeat this action several times. Then check whether the server problem is still giving rise to CorrLinks email login error.
  • Lastly, wait for some time and later, visit the site of CorrLinks. In case the server is still down, you will be suggested to open the site after 12 or 24 hours.

Fix 4: Mend the Connection for Internet

Sometimes there may be no issues with CorrLinks’ platform. The main source of the issue may lie in your internet connection. Its speed may not be as much as you need for running CorrLinks. Or, you may be using a wireless connection. Your device may not have been closely placed to the wireless router. Hence, due to improper internet services, the CorrLinks login error may be arising.

Here, we have explained how you can resolve the login errors while using CorrLinks.

  • Ensure that your internet connection’s speed is not slow. On finding that its speed is not high, you may opt for a better internet plan. See to it that the plan comes with an improved speed. 
  • You may be using a wired internet connection. Check that its wire is not damaged.
  • If wireless internet is being used, then confirm that your device is placed nearby it. This should be the device via which you are doing CorrLinks login for emails.
  • On being unable to determine or fix the issue with the connection, you should get assistance from your internet service provider (ISP).

Fix 5: Repair Browser-related Problems

CorrLinks login email errors can result when your browser is not functioning as it normally does. There can be multiple reasons behind the same. Either the cache of the browser may not have been cleared or too many cookies may be having an effect on its operations. Using CorrLinks on such a browser can result in login errors. As you attempt to resolve the browser-related problems, these login or sign-in errors will also be fixed.

  • See to it that the cache of your browser is cleaned from time to time.
  • Ensure that too many cookies do not exist in the browser that you are using.
  • Try to find out whether your browser supports the site of CorrLinks.
  • Recall when was the last time that you updated the internet browser. In case it has not been updated for long, install the updates now. After updating the browser, go to for email login. Check whether the CorrLinks sign-in error is still being faced.
  • Try using a browser other than the existing one. 
  • Also, resolve any other issues that may be affecting the browser on your device. After the issues have been resolved, access the Login Page of CorrLinks. Ensure that the login errors do not occur now.

Fix 6: Update CorrLinks Email Application

You may be using the app for CorrLinks on mobile when its Login Page cannot be conveniently accessed. While several users and prison inmates prefer using the app for easily signing in, they may be prevented from doing so due to certain errors. These sign-in or login errors in the CorrLinks app may be coming due to a lack of updates. 

Updating the CorrLinks app can work as a fix for the login issues. For Android users, installing the updates is possible via Google Play Store. App Store should be used, on the other hand, for updating this app on iPhone or other iOS devices. Followed by updating, you can run the app. Then attempt to sign in. Hopefully, no login errors shall be faced this time.

To Conclude

Registering or signing up for your CorrLinks email account is easy. As we saw in this blog, you only need your basic information to create an account on the platform. It is notable that CorrLinks provides you with multiple accounts to log in to your account. Via different browsers and the CorrLinks application, doing so can be possible. Users of this email service can also flexibly change or reset their password on forgetting it. Also, we included CorrLinks sign-in errors and their fixes in this blog. It is hoped that these fixes will be of help whenever you face login issues with respect to this email service.

After reading the ways to sign up and sign in to your CorrLinks email account, let us also see how to perform the Spectrum email login method. By reading this post, you can also know more about the methods relating to this email platform.

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