Explaining WildBlue Email Settings for iPhone, Android, and Outlook for Mac

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Email server settings are required when you wish to set up your WildBlue account. With respect to this email service, the server settings needed should be correct and updated. These settings can include the information of your WildBlue email ID, password, username, hostname, security type, port, and more. Based on the device on which the server settings are being made for your WildBlue account, you may have to include the outgoing and incoming server details as well.

WildBlue email settings for iPhone, Android, and Outlook for Mac have been discussed in this post. All the details that will be needed for making these settings can also be found here. To enter these settings and other details, we will be explaining the necessary procedures as well.

The following are the main topics of this post:

WildBlue Email Settings for Servers on iPhone

On your iPhone, you can set up your WildBlue email account by entering its IMAP settings. These settings are essential for the incoming and outgoing mail servers. Along with these, setting up the POP and SMTP servers is also necessary. These servers can be set up by mentioning the correct Host Name, Username, Port numbers, etc. 

The WildBlue email settings for iPhone users have been discussed in detail in the following sections. These will be inclusive of the IMAP, POP, and SMTP settings.

Option 1: Email Settings for WildBlue on iPhone for IMAP, Incoming, and Outgoing Mail Servers

For establishing the IMAP settings for WildBlue emails on your iPhone, you can, first, unlock the device. You can move to its Settings. Then opt for Mail, Contacts, Calendars to find the Add Account option. After this, pick the Other option and tap on Add Mail Account. You can assign a name for the outgoing emails of WildBlue. Following this, you can enter the WildBlue email settings for IMAP. These settings will include Email, Description, Host Name, User Name, Password, etc. These settings will have to be entered for incoming as well as outgoing mail servers.

To correctly enter these settings on your iOS device, please go through the complete process below:

  • On your “iPhone”, launch “Settings”.
  • Choose “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
  • Select “Add Account”.
  • Opt for “Other”.
  • Tap on the option of “Add Mail Account”.
  • For your outgoing WildBlue emails, add your “Name”.
  • Write your complete email address in “Email” in the following format:
  • In “Password”, enter your WildBlue email password.
  • Fill in the “Description” field.
  • Select “Next”.
  • For WildBlue email server settings for “IMAP”, input the following information:
    • “Name”: Add one name for outgoing emails
    • “Email”: Enter your WildBlue email ID
    • “Description”: Provide a name for your email account
  • In the case of “Incoming Mail Server Settings” for WildBlue, add the following information:
    • “Host Name”: “mail.wildblue.net”
    • “User Name”: username@wildblue.net
    • “Password”: Write the current password of your WildBlue account
  • Use this information for WildBlue “Outgoing Mail Server”:
    • “Host Name”: “smtp.wildblue.net”
    • “User Name”: username@wildblue.net
    • “Password”: Input the password of your WildBlue account.

Remember: While adding the WildBlue email settings, certain information may already be auto-filled. You may not be required to enter it again.

  • Select “Next”.
  • Press “Save”.
  • Move back to “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars”.
  • You can check the settings of your new account.
  • Now, press the key for “Home”.
  • Push the icon of “Mail”.

You will be able to view your WildBlue email account now. You may download your emails after this. 

Option 2: WildBlue SMTP Settings and POP Settings on iPhone 

For setting up your WildBlue email account on your iPhone, adding the SMTP and POP settings is required. They can be added via the Settings app on this iOS device. You can choose mail and then pick Accounts. Utilizing the Add Account option, tap on Others. Now, you can add your email account by mentioning its details. Following this, you can type in the POP server details like Account Type, User Name, Hostname, Port, TLS/SSL requirement, etc. 

Next to this, you can include such details for SMTP Port as well. To proceed, the details of the outgoing email server for your WildBlue email account have to be written.

To know all the WildBlue email settings for iPhone and iOS devices, keep scrolling.

  • Go to “Settings” on your iOS device.
  • Choose “Mail” by scrolling down.
  • Select “Accounts”.
  • Opt for “Add Account”.
  • Choose “Others”.
  • After this, press “Add Mail Account”.
  • Type in the information listed as follows:
    • “Name”
    • “Email Address” of your WildBlue account
    • “Password” of your WildBlue email account
    • “Description”

Remember: In this step, adding “Description” is optional.

  • Tap on “Next”.
  • For the server, pick “POP”.
    • Use the following information to configure the settings for your WildBlue account:
    • “Incoming Email Server Account Type”: “POP”
    • “Incoming Email Server User Name”: Write your WildBlue Email ID
    • “Incoming Email Server Password”: Type in your WildBlue account’s password
    • “Incoming Email Server Hostname”: “pop.gmail.com”
    • “Incoming Email Server Port”: “995”
    • “Incoming Email Server TLS/SSL Required”: “YES”
    • “Authentication Required”: “YES (Email Account Username and Password)”
  • Press “Next”.
  • You may be provided with a message for verifying the information entered. Press “Continue”.
  • Then choose “Details”.
  • Tap on “Trust to Authenticate”.
  • Push “Save”.
  • Select your WildBlue email account.
  • Now, view the details for the “SMTP” server. Use this information to check these details:
    • “Outgoing Secure (SMTP) Port”: “465”
    • “Security Type”: “SSL/TLS (Accept All Certificates)”
    • “Outgoing Secure (SMTP Roaming Server) Port”: “587”
    • “Security Type”: “SSL/TLS (Accept All Certificates)”
    • “Outgoing (SMTP) Port”: “25”
    • “Security Type”: “None (Accept All Certificates)”
    • “Outgoing Insecure (SMTP roaming server) Port”: “587”
    • “Security Type”: “None (Accept All Certificates)”
    • “Authentication”: “Choose Your “Password”
  • Next, you need to check the wildblue.net email server settings for outgoing mails using these details:
    • “Outgoing Email Server Account Type”: “SMTP”
    • “Outgoing Email Server User Name”: Provide the email address of WildBlue
    • “Outgoing Email Server Password”: Add your WildBlue account’s password
    • “Outgoing Email Server Hostname”: “smtp.gmail.com”
    • “Outgoing Email Server Port”: “465”
    • “Outgoing Email Server TLS/SSL Required”: “YES”
    • “Authentication Required”: “YES (Your WildBlue email account’s password and username)” 
  • Press “Next”.

Once your email account has been created on wildblue.net, the server settings mentioned above should be made. The settings and the associated details should be typed in as shown here. Introducing even the slightest of changes can affect the configuration of your email account on your iPhone or iPad.

Email Server Settings for WildBlue on Android

As a user of Android, you can make the server settings for your WildBlue account via the Email or Mail app. Using this app, you can add the IMAP, SMTP, as well as POP server settings. At the time of entering these wildblue.net email server settings, the information relating to the Server, Security Type, Port, Username, Outgoing Server, etc., should be available to you. 

To know more about these settings for WildBlue email accounts on Android devices, you should read further.

Option 1: WildBlue.net Email Server Settings for IMAP and SMTP on Android

The Setup Email Wizard’s assistance can be taken for entering the IMAP and SMTP settings for WildBlue on Android devices. This wizard will appear on its own when you open the Email application on your smart device or phone. 

The wizard will ask you to provide your WildBlue email address. After entering it, you can proceed with the configuration by writing your email account’s password. Now, using the manual way to set up your WildBlue account and configure its settings, you can choose IMAP. Wildblue.net’s email settings for the server will require you to mention your Email Address and Password one more time. Along with these, you can write the Username, IMAP Server, Port, Security Type, etc., to complete the setup.

  • Run the “Email” application of “Android”.
  • In case no account has been configured, “Setup Email Wizard” will appear. Wait for the wizard.

Remember: You can also visit “Email Settings” as an alternative to step 2. Then you can choose “Add a New Account”. After this, pick “Other”.

  • Add your email address in this format:
  • Write the current password of your email account.
  • Opt for the manual way to set up your account and its settings.
  • Now, you need to specify the type of your account. Choose “IMAP”.
  • Provide the information given below:
    • “Email Address”: Type in your WildBlue email address for outgoing emails. 
    • “Username”: Mention the WildBlue email iD. 
    • “Password”: The existing password of your WildBlue account needs to be entered.
    • “IMAP Server”: “mail.wildblue.net”
    • “Security Type”: “SSL (Accept All Certificates)”
    • “Port”: “993”
    • “IMAP Path Prefix”: You need not fill in this field.
  • Choose “Next”.
  • For the “WildBlue SMTP Settings”, use this information:
    • “SMTP Server”: “smtp.wildblue.net”
    • “Security Type”: “SSL (Accept All Certificates)”
    • “Port”: “465”
    • Select the box for “Require Sign-in”. 
    • “Username”: Enter the email address for WildBlue.
    • “Password”: Provide the WildBlue account’s password.
  • Tap on “Next”.
  • You will find a few options. Set them as per your convenience.
  • Again, tap on “Next”.
  • In “Give this Account a Name”, add the account’s name.

Remember: The step listed above is optional.

  • Add the name to be displayed for every outgoing email.
  • Press “Done”.
  • You can now download your WildBlue emails.

Option 2: WildBlue Email Settings for POP Server on Android

On Android smart devices, the POP server settings should be absolutely correct for connecting your WildBlue email account. To ensure that they are correct, you can open Mail and enter your credentials relating to your WildBlue email account. Then opt for POP after choosing the Manual Setup option. Check the settings entered for POP. 

Ensure that the POP Server is 995 and Secure Port is 993. After this, the SMTP settings should also be verified. Once you save the changes, the wildblue.net email settings for the POP server will have been correctly made.

  • Enter the “Mail” application on your Android device.
  • Write the registered ID of your WildBlue email account.
  • Then include the password of this account.
  • Choose the option of “Manual Setup”.
  • When asked for the “Server”, choose “POP”.
  • Make changes to the settings for the POP server. The details mentioned here can be used for this purpose:
    • “POP Server”: “pop.gmail.com”
    • “Security Type”: “None”
    • “POP Server”: “995”
    • “Secure Port”: “993”
    • “Security Type”: “SSL/TLS (Accept All Certificates)”
    • “Insecure Port”: “110”
    • “Security Type”: “None (Accept All Certificates)”
  • Following this, push “Next”.
  • Now, check the SMTP settings for your WildBlue email account. These settings have been added below:
    • “SMTP Server”: “smtp.gmail.com”
    • “Security Type”: “None”
    • “Outgoing SMTP Server”: “465”
    • “Outgoing Secure Port (SMTP)”: “465”
    • “Security Type”: “SSL/TLS (Accept All Certificates)”
    • “Outgoing Secure Port (SMTP Roaming Server)”: “587”
    • “Security Type”: “SSL/TLS (Accept All Certificates)”
    • “Outgoing Port (SMTP)”: “25”
    • “Security Type: “None (Accept All Certificates)”
    • Outgoing Insecure Port (SMTP Roaming Server)”: “587”
    • “Security Type”: “None (Accept All Certificates)”

Remember: No changes have to be initiated in the settings for either SMTP or POP for your WildBlue email account on Android. Doing so can disrupt the entire setup.

  • Select “Next”.
  • Choose “Done”.

So, these are the WildBlue email server settings that are recommended for Android users. On various devices that use the same OS, you can try to use the same settings. Your WildBlue email account should be set up.

WildBlue Outlook Settings on Mac Computers for IMAP and POP3 

While setting up your WildBlue email account on Outlook, you can use the Tools option on your Mac computer. Move to Accounts and tap the icon of + or Plus. Select the E-mail option. This is the option using which you can type in your WildBlue email account. After it has been typed in, please add your account’s correct password. 

After this, the WildBlue.net server settings for IMAP or POP3 can be set up. You can move to Type and choose one of them. Accompanying this, you can enable the Override Default Port option as well as the Use SSL to Connect (Recommended) option. Then you can add the Incoming and Outgoing Port Numbers.

To find the details of the port numbers and other settings, you can read through the following directions:

  • Run “Outlook” on “Mac”.
  • Choose “Tools”.
  • Click on “Accounts”.
  • Press the “+” icon in “Accounts”.
  • Opt for “E-mail”.
  • Type in your email address for WildBlue.
  • Fill in the password associated with your account.
  • In place of “Username”, you can add the WildBlue email ID.
  • Click on “Type”.
  • Choose “IMAP” or “POP3”.
  • In “Incoming Server”,  add “mail.wildblue.net”.
  • Ensure that the following options have been chosen:
    • “Override Default Port” 
    • “Use SSL to Connect (Recommended)
  • For “Incoming Port Number”, you need to write “993” in the case of “IMAP”. Use “995” in the field if you have selected “POP3”.
  • Add “smtp.wildblue.net” in the field of “Outgoing Server”.
  • Select the following:
    • “Override Default Port”
    • “Use SSL to Connect (Recommended)”
  • In the box for “Outgoing Port Number”, input “465”.
  • Hit “Add Account” to complete the process.

This well-elaborated procedure explained how you can enter the WildBlue Outlook settings on your Mac computer. While making these settings, see to it that you do not make any changes to them. Or else, the settings may get misconfigured.

In the End, We can Say

To set up your email account made on wildblue.net, email settings need to be known. In this post, we explained to you how these settings can be made. As a part of the procedures discussed here, we provided you with all the pieces of information that you may need. These procedures were suitable for the users of iPhone, Outlook for Mac, and Android smart devices. Let us know if you need any help with respect to these procedures. We can be connected via our comment section.

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