How to Configure AOL IMAP Settings

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The configuration of AOL IMAP settings on any device will enable the incoming mail services of your AOL mail account. IMAP settings also leave a copy of the email messages on the server, which helps you in browsing all the incoming emails on multiple devices. Due to incorrect IMAP settings, you may not receive any email or face ‘Authentication fails’ issues. To get rid of such AOL email issues, go through this article and learn how to configure AOL mail IMAP settings on the following devices: 

  • iPhone
  • MacBook 
  • Outlook 2016

AOL IMAP Settings

Incoming Server
Incoming Port Number993 (With TLS)
Authentication MethodRequired
UsernameName for your AOL mail account. 
Email AddressYour AOL Email ID
PasswordPassword for your aforementioned address.
Alternative Port Number995 (With SSL)

So, these were the AOL IMAP settings that you must configure on any email client on any device to enable your incoming mail services. Wondering how to configure the settings? Read below. 

AOL IMAP Settings for iPhone 

Your AOL send/ receive mail service will be conveniently accessible on an iPhone device, once you configure the right AOL IMAP and SMTP settings on it. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn in detail.

  • Open the ‘Settings’ section on your iPhone and browse its options to click on the ‘Passwords & accounts’. 
  • On the ‘Passwords & accounts’ screen, hover over the ‘Add account’.
  • On the next screen, you will see a list of email providers’ names, if you found the name of AOL, click on it. Otherwise, hit on the ‘Other’ button.
  • Select the ‘Add mail account’ and you will arrive on the Login Information page. Here, enter the following information:
NameYour Name will be shown in the emails sent by you
Email AddressAOL Mail Address
PasswordAOL Password
  • In the ‘Description’ box, you may write a ‘Personal description about your AOL account’ and click on the ‘Continue’. 
  • Now, to select the ‘Type’ of your ‘AOL account’, drag down the tab next to the ‘Account Type’ option and choose ‘IMAP’ from the given options. 
  • On the next screen, start configuring the AOL IMAP and SMTP settings. At first, enter the following details for your AOL Incoming mail server:
UsernameAOL Login ID
PasswordYour Password
  • Move towards the ‘Outgoing mail server’ tab and enter the SMTP settings as mentioned below:
UsernameAOL Login ID
PasswordYour Password
  • Now, hit on the ‘Next’ button shown in the lower-right corner of your iPhone screen. 
  • Click on the ‘Save’ button after checking the box next to the ‘Email’ option. 

After a quick follow up on these aforementioned steps, your AOL email account will be saved. Now, follow the rest of the steps and complete the setup by entering the right ports. 

  • On your AOL account, select the option of the ‘Advanced’. 
  • Under the ‘Incoming Server’ tab, turn on the ‘SSL’ connection and click on the ‘Identity Check’ and provide the AOL email password. 
  • Write ‘993’ as the AOL IMAP Server Port. 
  • To select the ‘Outgoing server’, drive yourself back to the previous screen, and select it for entering the rest of the SMTP settings.
  • Turn on the ‘SSL’ connection and click on the ‘Identity Check’ and provide the AOL email password.
  • Write ‘465’ as the AOL IMAP Server Port. 
  • Towards the upper-corner of the screen, click on the ‘Done’ and apply the settings you entered. 

Congratulations, after entering the correct AOL IMAP and SMTP settings, your AOL account is now ready to use. 

Note: If you have already set up your AOL account and only want to change the AOL IMAP settings, follow the steps mentioned.

  • On the ‘Passwords & accounts’ screen, choose your AOL account. 
  • Select the option of the ‘Advanced’ and under the ‘Incoming Server’ tab, change your settings into the following:
Identity CheckAOL Email Password
  • Write ‘993’ as the AOL IMAP Server Port and click on the ‘Next’ & ‘Done’ tabs to apply the changes.

AOL IMAP Settings for Outlook 2016

You must follow the enlisted steps and manually configure the right AOL IMAP settings on Outlook to access both the accounts together on one device.

  • Start your device and launch Outlook email client. 
  • Sign in to your Outlook email account by providing your valid Email Address and Password. 
  • Once you are all logged in, start the AOL email account setup process by clicking on the ‘File’. 
  • From the menu bar of the ‘File’ tab, click on the ‘Add Account’ and proceed.
  • In the next screen of the Outlook program, enter your AOL email address, name, and password. 
  • Click on the ‘Remember Password’ and hit the option of the ‘Sign In’ button. 
  • After filling out the Login Information, your AOL account will be saved on the Outlook profile for a temporary basis. 
  • Go back to the ‘AOL’ mail account and click on the ‘Advanced’ option. 
  • Before entering the correct AOL IMAP settings, choose ‘IMAP’ as the Account type of your account. Now, enter the AOL IMAP and SMTP settings as mentioned in the upcoming steps. 
  • Enter ‘’ as the IMAP Mail Server Address and enter 993 as the IMAP Mail Port Number. 
  • Similarly, configure the SMTP settings as well, enter ‘’ as the server address, and ‘587’ or ‘465’ as the server port number.
  • Tap on the ‘SSL’ and confirm it as the encrypted connection by clicking on it. 
  • At last, click on the ‘Finish’ and ‘Done’ button. 

Note: For those, who have already synced the Outlook and AOL account and just want to change AOL mail IMAP settings, follow the different steps mentioned below: 

  • Click on the ‘Manage Accounts’ and select your ‘AOL account’. 
  • Complete the Login Information by entering the correct email address and password, if asked. 
  • On your AOL account screen, navigate towards the ‘Advanced options’ tab and click on it. 
  • There will be an option of ‘Let me set up my AOL account manually’, click on it and select the ‘Connect’ tab.
  • Now, confirm your AOL account type by clicking on the ‘IMAP’ and enter the missing AOL mail IMAP settings. 
  • Enter ‘’ as the IMAP Mail Server Address and enter 993 as the IMAP Mail Port Number. 
  • Cross-check with your SMTP email settings for AOL mail. In case, you want to change them as well, copy from the above method.
  • Complete the setup and apply the changes by clicking on the ‘Save’. 

Once the aforementioned AOL mail IMAP settings, the incoming mail services will be enabled and you will face no issues while receiving any email.

Mac Mail AOL IMAP Settings

To enable your AOL incoming mail service on the MacBook device, follow the steps mentioned below and configure the correct Mac mail AOL IMAP settings. 

  • Open the Mail application on the MacBook device and browse the ‘File’ menu options. 
  • Select the ‘Add Account’ option and start by providing the ‘General Information’.  
  • Under the ‘Log In’ or ‘Sign In’, provide your AOL Name, Email Address, and Password. 

Note: Your email address can be ended with and 

  • Write anything regarding your AOL account in the ‘Description’ box. 
  • To enter the AOL IMAP and SMTP settings, click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Enter the ‘” or “” as your AOL incoming mail server hostname. 
  • For Authentication, enter the AIM or AOL username and password again. 
  • Enter the 993 as the Incoming mail server port number and click on the ‘Continue’.

Once the device configures all the entered AOL IMAP settings, click on the ‘Done’ button and exit from the window. Now, open the Mail application and browse your AOL mail account on a Mac device.We hope the detailed guide helped you in configuring the AOL IMAP settings on your respective devices and getting rid of the issues while AOL Mail Login. Have a query? Get it solved by our tech experts, contact them by leaving a comment.

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